Wallace Farm

Contact Information for Resident Complaints

The Wallace family encourages Highland Creek residents to go directly to them with any complaints. This is up to the individual who has concerns. Additional contacts with the County for odor complaints are below. Please include the following information in your email so they can best diagnose the situation or complete the attached form.

  • Street address
  • Date and time
  • A description of the odors detected
  • A description of the intensity of the odors detected
  • Duration of smell

The information can be emailed to Shelby Wallace at Wallace Farms, wallfarm@bellsouth.net and please cc: Jason Watkins, jason.watkins@ncdenr.gov, Eric Wallace, ericwallfarm@bellsouth.net, and Joe Hack, joe.hack@mecklenburgcounty.nc.gov.

Contacts at Wallace Farms regarding odor issues:

Please note that all complaints forwarded to the County, will be passed along to Wallace Farms unfiltered, including your name, the specific complaint.

Temperature inversions in the Fall, Winter and Spring cause steam and smoke to rise from the windrows and get carried over into the surrounding areas. Please click here for an explanation of temperature inversions. Read about the benefits of composting.