Swimming Pools


Our pools are for use by Highland Creek residents ONLY.

Highland Creek has four wonderful private swimming pool venues located within the major parks in our community.  Special care has been taken by Trident Pool Group to maintain these facilities to the highest standards.  If you have any questions regarding our pools, please contact Jessica Graves at pools@highlandcreek.com.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Pool guidelines for 2020.
  • Beginning Saturday, June 13th, all pools will be open full time hours. Please see schedule for each pool. This schedule will remain in effect until Governor Cooper loosens or changes the current restrictions.
  • There will be 2½ hour swim times followed by ½ hour closure to prepare the pool for the next swim slot. Times will be posted outside each pool on an A-Frame dry erase board. For especially vulnerable individuals, a swim block from 10:00am – 12:30pm has been designated each Monday, Wednesday and Friday at Clarke Creek and Prosperity Park pools and Saturday and Sunday from 10:00am-12:30pm at Clarke Creek pool.  Click here to read the CDC definition of vulnerable individuals.
  • Maximum occupancy per pool will be limited to the maximum occupancy allowed into the water in line with Governor Cooper’s order (42 at Sports Club; 15 at Sports Club Wading Pool; 40 at Prosperity; 26 at Clarke Creek; 44 at Christenbury).
  • To minimize touch surfaces, pool furniture has been removed from the pool decks. Residents may bring a folding chair to use on the pool deck.  Please keep social distancing rules in mind when setting up your chairs.
  • Per Governor Cooper’s guidance on public pools (page 3), we are encouraging residents to wear cloth face coverings at all times when not in the pool.
  • Residents need to scan their Highland Creek ID at the pool gate for entry. Highland Creek ID’s will be issued by APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Click here for instructions on how to obtain a new or replacement ID badge. Effective July 1st, all residents must have a Highland Creek ID to use the pools, parks, courts and other common areas in the community. Please make arrangements to get your ID as soon as possible if you do not have one.
  • Guest and Nanny passes will not be permitted at this time to ensure pools have the capacity to accommodate residents.

Christenbury Pool

Dedicated Lap Lane

Clarke Creek Pool

Lap Swim Every Evening 8-9pm

Prosperity Pool

Sports Club Pool


We are proud to be able to offer these recreational facilities to our residents. Each pool has a bit of its own character and style. The Christenbury Pool is home to the Highland Creek Hurricanes swim team and the Sports Club pool boasts two fun water slides seen in the picture above. While spending time this summer with friends and family at our facilities please respect your fellow residents and observe pool safety rules at all times.


Prosperity Park – 5710 Fairvista Drive
Christenbury Park – 6213 Bell’s Mill Drive – dedicated lap lane
Clarke Creek Park – 6000 Clarke Creek Pkwy
Sports Club – 6616 Clarke Creek Pkwy


Highland Creek facilities are not open to the general public. ID Badges are required at all times when using our facilities. Access to pools will not be granted unless you have a current Highland Creek ID Badge. In addition, the homeowner must have assessments paid up to date in order to use our facilities. Delinquent account ID Badges will be de-activated until dues are paid in full. Click here for more information on how to obtain an ID Badge.