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The following IMPORTANT INFORMATION is also included with statements mailed from Hawthorne Management Company for any upcoming charges due from your homeowners association.


Please update your personal on-line banking and send regular mail payments made payable to your community to:

P.O. Box 844692, Boston MA 02284-4692.

Please reference the account number with any payments sent.

  • Owners using the Hawthorne Management Company website Homeowner Login and third party “PayLease” to make payments do not need to update account number or mailing address.
  • If the HOA dues (assessments) change, recurring payment amounts set up online through either your personal bank or PayLease must be updated by the property owner.  Please be sure you log in and update the payment amount if and when the dues change.
  • Account numbers changed not long ago to streamline processing and reduce the opportunity for error.  Payments sent with the previous account number will be processed.
  • New and improved statement shows details of any charge or payment activity in the current period PLUS includes any charges due for the upcoming period.
  • The statement takes the place of previous billing and past due notice routines.  Coupon booklets with multiple tear out installments will no longer be used.
  • Statement includes activities as of the ”Billing Date” listed on the top right corner.  Payments received after this date will not be reflected on the statement.  Payments are not considered late and subject to fees or penalties until the past due period described on the statement.
  • To receive future statements electronically, please follow the instructions described on the statement.
  • In order to keep pace with advancing technology and service levels, payments are now received and processed at a facility in Boston, MA, one of the nation’s select financial hubs.  Payments sent to and received at the previous Atlanta, GA mailing address will be automatically forwarded for a period of time.
  • Click here to pay dues online.

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