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Low Maintenance Yard Care Guide

Fall Seeding Advice

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Leaf Burrito

Did you know that plastic lawn bags are NOT recyclable?!

Billions of plastic bags are unnecessarily going into our landfills across the country each year.  That’s right, this plastic film goes directly into the landfill as it cannot be broken down for recycling use!

Leaf Burrito® is an amazing TOOL for making collection and transportation of yard debris incredibly FAST, EASY, SAFE and MANAGEABLE!  Leaf Burritos are in stock at the Sports Club office for $68.50.  Check or credit ONLY.

Spring Tips to Remember:

First of March – apply fertilizer with pre-emergent herbicide (weed & feed) First of May – apply a 2nd round of fertilizer with pre-emergent (low in nitrogen- the first # on the bag. This is very important- Two applications in the spring will keep crabgrass and other broadleaf weeds out of your lawn until August. Remember, you cannot seed once you apply pre-emergent. It is designed to keep seeds from germinating, even grass seed. Spray break-through weeds with a broadleaf weed killer you can find at most hardware stores.  Click here for a Lawn Horticulture Calendar that has tips for the whole year!